By definition, a ring tone is simply the sound that a phone emits when there is an incoming call or a new message. These days, however, the term ring tone denotes the many customizable sounds that are available for use in a cell phone. Ring tones id verification ring are usually patterned after popular songs or sound bites.

The original use of the ring tone was to allow the cell phone owner to distinguish his or her phone’s ring when in a public area. For example, in a crowded restaurant there might be fifty cell phone users. If all of their ring tones were the same, then one call will result in all fifty reaching for their units. That can be potentially confusing – and terribly annoying. By using original ring tones, however, a cell phone owner will be able to tell apart the ringing of his phone from that of another.

Just a few years ago, you could only assign a single ring tone to your phone at any given time. These days, phones are available that allow you to assign a different ring tone for every person in your address book, which means that you can identify who is calling you without even looking at your unit.

Ring tones are no longer just badges of cellular phone identification; they have also become a cultural phenomenon. Selling ring tones, mostly over the internet, is a brisk business which generates millions of dollars of revenues per year. It seems that everyone wants to have the latest chart-topping songs on their cell phones. And with the introduction of polyphonic tones, the ring tone industry is only going to get bigger.

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